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Kendo traveled to the dark side to bring us his latest hit. Dark Desires is a taste of lust and erotic exploration of the soul. Six beautiful girls take you on a journey through their fantasies as they unleash their darkest desires. If you ever wondered what goes on in a beautiful girl's mind - all your questions will be answered! It will blow your mind!

Emily Addison loves to dress up. Corsets, thigh high stockings and super high heels are what's getting her hot today. As she admires her tightly cinched waist and curvaceous figure, Master Ian Rath verbally humiliates her for being a bondage slut as he gives her a sound spanking. As he undresses his gift wrapped in fetish gear, she pretends to be shy, but we know that she's not! She plays with her already wet pussy to amuse her Sir and to satisfy her own exhibitionistic desires. After she's put on enough of a show, a powerful vibrator is brought out, her wet panties are put in her mouth and she begs to cum. But she didn't stop by the Fetish Nation dungeon for a regular orgasms. She came by for bondage orgasms! And so the rope is brought out. Tied so her ass is exposed and she's completely helpless she's given a harsh hand spanking and begs for more as she struggles in her bondage. After her ass is bright red, Ian teases and punishes her with the vibrator. The bound orgasms she wants are so close, but she's going to have to beg and beg for them today! Tease and denial are his idea of fun and after he's been amused she's allowed to cum. But she's not going back in the ropes right away! Crawling at his feet, playing with her pussy and putting on a show with a dildo are what Ian wants, and what he gets. Flogging, caning and more orgasms help this slave girl learn composure. When Ian has satiated his sadistic desires, and Emily has earned it, the rope comes out again. Bound upright on her knees, suction cups are applied to her sensitive nipples and clit and the vibrator that was her best friend becomes her enemy when it, in turn, is applied to the suction cups. Emily orgasms until her eyes roll back in her head, then the suction cups are removed and she is made to cum some more....

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